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Providing free, individualized brain tumor support to help patients overcome treatment obstacles and facilitate access to quality healthcare.

How can we help you?

The Brain Tumor Network is a trusted source for reliable information about primary brain tumors. Our dedicated, neuro-oncology navigators help you find answers to the difficult questions you may be asking yourself:

  • Where do I begin?
  • What are my options?
  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • What is the best course of treatment for me?
  • What can I expect next?

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What is a patient navigator?

Our brain tumor patient navigators are professionals guiding patients and caregivers through every phase of brain tumor care with personalized one-on-one options, information, and support.

Our Experience

Each year, the Brain Tumor Network provides personalized, one-on-one navigation and support to hundreds of individuals and families throughout the United States.

At its heart, our organization is committed to providing a community of support for individuals and families, focusing on survivorship. We are most proud of the relationships we have built along the way and the individual lives we continue to impact as we fulfill our mission.

1500 +

Patients who have received free, personalized navigation services

100 %

Patients who would recommend the Brain Tumor Network to others

300 +

Relationships built with national brain tumor centers of excellence and regional treatment centers across the country

27 +

Years of treatment-related and survivorship experiences of founders Susan and Rick Sontag

7 +

Years providing direct, personalized support to adult primary brain tumor patients and caregivers

19 +

Years building relationships within the neuro-oncology community

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