Pediatric Navigation Services

Brain Tumor Network’s pediatric navigation services are dedicated to meeting you and your child’s needs wherever you are in the brain tumor journey. Our pediatric neuro-oncology navigators educate, support, and empower you to participate in shared decision-making with your child’s care team.

Our pediatric navigation services include:

  • Answers to diagnosis questions
  • Exploration of treatment options
  • Treatment center identification
  • Second opinion facilitation with a brain tumor specialist
  • Personalized clinical trial search and enrollment assistance
  • Resources for family support
  • Connections to survivorship programs
  • Medical records management
Little brave patient with her toy

Your Navigation Road Map with Brain Tumor Network


When your child is faced with a brain tumor, you often feel lost and overwhelmed. Your pediatric navigation team helps you to understand your child’s plan of care wherever they are in their treatment journey.

View our Pediatric Navigation Roadmap to learn how we can assist you at each step.