Board of Directors

Brain Tumor Network is governed by experts in the neuro-oncology field, those with first hand experience with the disease, and people with the acumen and experience to strategically grow the organization.

The Sontag Foundation
Brain Tumor Network
Spring Bay Management

BS, Physics, Harvey Mudd College

MS, Physics, University of Nevada

MBA, Harvard Business School

Sr. Director of Consumer Strategy and Insights, Healthwise

Kellogg School of Management

Rhode Island School of Design

BA, Biology, Brown University

Executive Director, The Sontag Foundation

BA, Political Science, University of Florida

JD, George Washington University, School of Law

Retired Neurosurgeon
Clinical Advisor

BA, Chemistry, University of Virginia

MD, PhD, Microbiology and Immunology, Georgetown University

Partner, Spring Bay Companies

BA, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

MBA, Duke University

Former Executive Director, The Sontag Foundation
Community Volunteer

BA, Sociology, University of Tennessee

Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Management Gerontology Certification

President & CEO, Madison Air
Brain Tumor Network Client

BA, International Marketing/Japanese Studies, University of St. Thomas

MBA, University of Chicago

We know that each person comes to Brain Tumor Network with a unique set of needs, concerns, goals, and hopes. Your navigator meets you where you are on your individual journey, equipping you with the information and the quality support you need to make informed decisions about your care.