It seemed to all happen quite fast. For a couple of weeks, I was losing coordination of my left foot while riding my motorcycle and trying to shift it. My first thought was that that one of my former spine injuries were reemerging with a sciatica problem down my leg and foot. Then, my left hand wasn’t working quite right either. I went to see my primary care physician, who was very concerned and sent me for a CT scan of my brain. A more definitive MRI immediately followed, which showed two masses in the right frontal lobe. My primary care doctor phoned my wife and broke the news to her that I had two masses in my brain and I needed to be hospitalized immediately.

After several doctors viewed my MRI over the next few days, they proposed that the larger mass was likely a glioblastoma and needed to be removed as soon as possible. Biopsies would be performed after the tumors were removed for definitive diagnoses.

The biggest concern I had was to find the best level of care possible. I was sitting in the hospital authorized by my insurance, and I was not feeling confident. The surgeons and cardiologists didn’t agree about simultaneously managing my heart stent recovery while undergoing brain surgery. I was also very afraid that I would not recover the function of my leg and arm. I worried as well that one little slip of the scalpel could render me intellectually impaired.

While searching online, I found the Brain Tumor Network and asked my wife if she wanted to check it out. We were so grateful and amazed at how quickly the Brain Tumor Network’s navigators assisted us. Karen was able to collect all my medical records from my prior surgeries/medical care and directed us to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. We could not have maneuvered through this treatment process alone. I was accepted into a clinical study where I received excellent care with extremely professional brain surgery specialists.

I highly recommend that anyone with a brain tumor seek the assistance of the Brain Tumor Network. I really believe they helped to save my life.