Reaching out to the Brain Tumor Network was one of the best decisions I made while navigating my husband’s glioblastoma diagnosis in 2021.

From our very first conversation, my assigned navigator truly felt like an angel sent from Heaven. She was reliable and proactive, knowledgeable and thoughtful. She was a listening ear and someone who had an incredible awareness and understanding of what we were up against.

When I didn’t feel like I could call his doctors, I called my navigator.

When I wasn’t sure what to make of his newest scan interpretations, I called my navigator.

When his own team couldn’t get him the time-sensitive MRI he needed, I called my navigator.

When our options for clinical trials and treatments at our hospital ran out, I called my navigator.

She went above and beyond and will forever hold a special place in my heart. My husband passed away less than a year after his diagnosis. My navigator made me feel empowered and confident that I did everything in my power to save him.

It is my very first recommendation to those that reach out in similar situations. I am forever grateful to the Brain Tumor Network for bringing my navigator into my life.