My son’s prefrontal cortex tumor was misdiagnosed in 2006. I didn’t worry about it, to the point where I almost forgot about it. Then in 2014, Davis was calling home repeatedly from college panicked, saying, “Something is wrong with me.” We brought him home from college. During the next year and numerous appointments with various physicians, we still didn’t know much.

At the time I met Rick, Kay, and Karen, my plan was to do nothing in the near term about my son’s brain tumor. We were in a “watch -and-wait” mode, even though Davis was still not feeling “normal,” exhibited odd organizational problems, and was struggling with his grades. He had an A average from his high school and from his first semester away at college, yet he was struggling in community college.

With the help of the Brain Tumor Network team, I came to understand the potential gravity of the situation and the need for additional opinions. The assistance Karen has given us far surpasses the “paid” assistance we have ever received from any healthcare provider, ever.

It is now three weeks postsurgery, and Davis has been given a new life. He can tell cognitively that the tumor is gone. Everyone close to him can tell. His spirits are high.

Davis’ journey is not over. This time, however, we understand the big picture and will be armed with information as treatment choices are made and second and third opinions are received. The Brain Tumor Network team is already helping with that.

I am truly overwhelmed with what “could have been” had I not been destined to step into the offices of the Brain Tumor Network. The flip side is that I am forever deeply, deeply grateful for your mission, your assistance, and what it has meant to my child and my family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.